Branding –Communication Design

The first phase was creating the branding for the new course.


Tasked to conceptualise a new branding to represent the new course, Communication Design in Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Design. 

The main aim is for simple logo that is timeless yet modern and able to spread across a multitude of media. Hence, the logo is created as a straightforward word mark using Trade Gothic Bold No. 2. 

Target Audience are:
Potential Students (Secondary schools graduating students) and Industry Partners.

Art Direction –
Communication Design

Also in the first phase was determining the art direction.

I was involved In planning the art direction. From art-directing the feel of the imageries, setting up of the photo shoots, photo-shooting, editing/colouration of the images, shortlisting projects and images for outreach purposes.

Brochure –
Communication Design

The second phase was the editorial design for mass-production brochure.

I decided on an accordion fold booklet as it allows a paranorma view of the brochure and its contents.

Brochure B5-sized opens up to a B2-sized poster. The brochure is segmented by new headers: Go Places, Be Recognised, Meet People, Express Yourself, Discover Design and Have Fun.

The visual language is very brightly coloured, energetic and youthful to better appeal to our main target audience – the secondary school graduating students.

Poster –
Communication Design

The third phase was to design a series of three posters.


After the target audience finishes the brochure, the brochure opens up to become a B2-sized poster. With the theme of “Do What You Love”, 4 illustrator were invited to contribute to the poster around the theme and titbits of a designer's life so far. This turned the posters into a collectible series of 3.

Illustrator includes: Carmen Chen, Me (blue edition), Danielle Nicole (pink edition), BengSiang (orange edition).

Outreach –
Communication Design

The last phase was consolidating all collaterals and prepare for outreach.

The outreach to the public and our target audience was aimed through many medias.One of the biggest was publicising with Moovemedia on buses and billboard ads at Tampines Interchange. 

Customised collaterals were made for 4 outreach programs: Student Portfolio Preparation Workshop, Teacher’s Info Session, School Visits/EDM/Press Releases, Open House 2014

And lastly, was directing our audience to a microsite of the new course,